Christmas is a time of traditions, decorating, gifts,
music, food preparation or consuming...but why?
What is the reason behind all of this?
This season is sometimes overshadowed by the
hustle and bustle that we forget it all started with
faith. Faith of a young woman and carpenter who
rose above cultural norms to have God's child in the
humblest of circumstances.
Jesus was born in a manger, foreshadowing the
humble and servant-focused life he would live out.
Jesus’s birth was the beginning of God’s rescue
mission for His children and that is the true meaning
of Christmas. He is the reason for the honey hams,
the stocking stuffers and the celebration. The day
that Jesus entered the Earth, the world was changed
forever. That day, God blessed the world with more
love and grace than we could ever understand or
During this season don't get caught up in the hustle and
bustle instead remember thanksgiving infant born in a
manger who came to save you and me.
Rev. April Wegehaupt
Pastor April and family

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