Summer’s here and this is the right time… whether walking on the beach – visiting and being visited – watching birds – catching fish – being in the garden – or working the usual work at a bit slower pace… Taking a little more time, most of all, for listening for God.
Summer’s here and this is the right time… And the time is also short. Before we know it, we’ll be back in many of our usual routines – our younger generations a year
further along in school or career – others of us a year further along in work or retirement. For many of us, time really does go by so very
And slowing down and listening longer for the still small voice of God’s Spirit is the one thing I know… that really consistently helps to cool the heat on the hot days, warm our hearts on the chillier nights. And when, thanks be to God, I have been able to slow down, even a little, I always seem to find myself more grateful…
This Summer, I am finding myself thankful for all the volunteers that come out to provide a wonderful VBS experience for children in our community. For some, it might be the right time for them to have their hearts transformed and experience God in a way that forever change their lives.
I am loving this Summer in finally being able to get to know many of you and feel more connected to these wonderful communities… Summer’s here and this is the right time for many good things…Most of all for listening well and thanking God early and often. And I am thanking God for each of you, and for all the
ministries that our congregations provide.
May God continue to bless you, rest you, and refresh you in this and every season

Blessings, Rev. April

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