Dear Body of Christ,
I have been in Dorchester and Friend for 9 months now all during a pandemic and have come to realize more than ever that people need community. Here at Dorchester and Friend, I am finding more that our faith communities are centered around grace—the unearned, unending, unconditional love of God. This is something special.
So, in the months ahead, I want to encourage all of you to look into ways on how you might share our grace-filled community with others. For myself, that will be me out in the community more interacting with others. As this pandemic is slowing down, I am seeing more than ever I want to be involved in our communities
helping make a difference in people’s lives.
The goal for yourselves would be to find something you like doing with others (like walking, ball games, drinking coffee), then invite someone to join you. While you are engaging more in the community, let the love and grace of God show through you and try inviting them to Church sometime.
I hope everyone will join me on this journey and try ways to reach out in love to our neighbors. It’s an exciting road ahead for us as we prayerfully move past this pandemic in the months ahead and strive to reconnect with our communities.
Blessings, Rev. April


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