Change……. Change can be many things: hard, easy,
exciting, scary, etc. Over the past few months, we all have
experienced social change through the pandemic. I would
have never thought that face masks would be a fashion
statement. This social change has been hard for many of us.
Now to top it off you have a change in how we worship and
your Pastor.
Through all of this change one thing is constant and we find
this fact stated in the scriptures. Malachi 3:6 states, “I the
Lord do not change.” This is a comforting fact.
Over the next couple weeks I hope to help you feel
comfortable with the change before us. I will be sharing
some about my call, how my faith has been formed with our
son Christian. Also, I am always open to hear from you. If
you are struggling or would just like to chat give me a call
I am looking forward to seeing what wonderful
opportunities this change will bring us.

Rev. April

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